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Ageless Wisdom to create your life from the inside out

move. pause. evolve.

Dru Yoga, Soulful Retreats and Mentorship to live the second half of your life with more Ease, Joy and Meaning


Dru Yoga

More than just a yoga practice, Dru Yoga is a profound healing experience that brings your body, mind, heart and soul to its natural state of coherence.

We use gentle, soft flowing movements, focused breathing and visualisation techniques. Dru Yoga is perfect for everyone, regardless of skills, fitness or age.

You can enjoy your Dru Yoga practice in one of my boutique classes in Essendon, join me on a weekly online class or delight your being with Align, an online immersion to embrace your daily inner practice in 40 days.

Experience Dru

Soulful Retreats

​Being busy has become normal in our lifestyle; we are too focused on getting things done to feel that little spark of accomplishment. We say yes to activities and social commitments for a little taste of connection and belonging.

It is in the pauses where the magic of life happens. It is in silence when we can truly listen.

I love creating experiences that enrich your mind, body and soul. From day or weekend retreats, to enlightening workshops. In any of these soulful experiences you will find the perfect balance of physical movement, intentional quietness and stretching out of your comfort zone with powerful reflections to create a refreshed version of you.




​The Elite Mentorship Forum (EMF) is more than just a mentorship program.

This powerful, refreshing, life-changing journey brings together the latest tools and techniques in human psychology, personal growth, science and spirituality to break through any self-limiting belief that is holding you back from the life you want. It reduces most of your current stress so that you can live more in flow with life and finally embrace who you are at your core.

The program is structured in a way that creates a sense of momentum and evolution in all areas of your life and the community of high conscious individuals that will go with you through this metamorphosis with you will be a lifelong source of inspiration.

Evolve with EMF


I am really passionate about empowering teens to live more authentically, to love themselves and create a fulfilling life from the inside. I have lovingly created engaging programs and experiences of connection, growth and contribution for teenagers.

The 'Whole-Hearted Girls' is a monthly two-hour session for pre-teen and teen girls to connect with themselves & with each other. Learn simple tools and practices (like yoga, mindfulness, meditation) that help them manage their emotions, reduce feelings of stress while cultivating authentic connections & deep friendships.

The Teen Villa is an online village for pre-teens and teens (boys and girls) that will give them tools to make it the most enjoyable, empowering experience and a strong foundation for the future they want to create. Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness and amazing mentors that will inspire them to what is possible.

Discover Teens


I am Mariana.

I am so honoured that you are here and I know it is not a coincidence...

Maybe a gentle whisper from your body is asking you to move more freely. A loud scream in your mind is pleading you to calm down and pause more often. Maybe your soul is so uncomfortable in a life three sizes smaller and it is asking you to expand those wings and evolve!

Regardless of the reason, I celebrate you for listening.

I trust that you found your way to these pages as a path that will bring you closer to who you truly are. I see your unlimited potential and the greatness of your life.

It will be my honour to walk this journey by your side so that you can see it too. 

More About Me 

News & Events

Metamorphosis: 3 Day Online Gathering (Free)

Metamorphosis is an Immersive Online Experience designed for you. if you are going through a significant (and uncomfortable) transition in life.

Whether you're facing a career shift, a deep loss, a relationship change, or one of those messy life crisis, this insightful 3-Day gathering will guide you through the process of transformation to navigate this (and any other change or challenge) more gracefully and emerge from it with renewed confidence, clarity and wisdom.

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Blog Post: Speak your Truth

This month of June, we're embracing the power of our voices and the magic of authentic expression. Dive into the world of the Throat Chakra and explore how speaking your truth can lead to effective communication, deeper connections, and a more harmonious life.

Read my latest blog post on Speak Your Truth and discover practical tools and insights to align your Throat Chakra and live your life in your own terms.

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"happy people build their inner world

unhappy people blame their outer world"