signature programs

Enlightening Programs to raise your consciousness and joy


Elite Mentorship Forum

A six-month transformational program designed to break through every self-limiting belief that holds you back from creating the life you want and from becoming everything you wish to be.

Evolve with EMF


Align is a sacred space to create a daily ritual to connect with your soul, with the real you. With that essence that hasn’t been touched by the noise and expectations of the world. A caring hub that keep you engaged with the emotional and energetic support that will make the process effortless, achievable & enjoyable.

Coming in 2024!

Inner Climate Challenge

The Inner Climate Challenge is a beautiful initiative from Dru Worldwide, my yoga lineage, that encourages us to bring our focused attention to our Inner World.

30 days practising the transformational Dru Yoga sequence, Salutation to the Four Directions, will leave you feeling more at peace within yourself, with your life and empowered to make a difference.


Whole-Hearted Girls

A monthly two-hour session for pre-teen and teen girls to connect with themselves & with each other. Learn simple tools and practices (like yoga, mindfulness, meditation) to manage their emotions, reduce feelings of stress while cultivating sisterhood.

Back in 2024!

The Teen Villa

An online village for pre-teens and teens (boys and girls) that will give them tools to make their teen years the most enjoyable, empowering experience and a strong foundation for the future they want to create. Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness and amazing mentors that will inspire them to what is possible.

Back in 2024!