Attuning to the Elements Within

Unveiling Nature's Secret for Inner Harmony

"Nature always wears the colours of the spirit" 
Ralph Waldo Emerson

golden hour photography of rock formation on body of water

My heart is so full of joy as we come back from our Autumn Retreat, where we immersed ourselves in the beauty of nature, embraced our emotions, and enjoyed moments of carefree playfulness. We had the most beautiful time connecting with each other from a place of openness and vulnerability, something most of us are craving silently.

From the serenity of our retreat is where I got the spark of inspiration for our community intention of this month, Attuning to the Elements Within.

Our weekend away reminded me of the simple joys found in connecting with nature through all the delicious plant based food we enjoyed, the feeling of the grass under our feet, the tones of the sunset and sunrise that our eyes witnessed, the warmth of the cracking fireplace, the beauty of our sound healing session and the abundant expressions of water in the ocean. All the elements were there with us.

I know the idea of "attuning to the elements" might sound a bit mystical at glance, but it’s really more simple (and practical) than it sounds. Think of it like this: each element represents a different aspect of our being. Air reflects the clarity of our minds, water symbolises the depth of our emotions, fire embodies our passion and energy, and earth grounds us in the present moment. By exploring and harmonising these elements within ourselves, we not only cultivate a deeper sense of self-awareness and acceptance but also foster a greater connection to nature and the world around us.

So, let's embark on this exploration bringing into light the treasures each of the elements hold within…

shallow focus of white dandelion


Life Experience: Freedom
Organs: Lungs & Heart
Balanced: Clarity of Mind & Perspective
Out of Balance: Lack of Focus & Overwhelm
Energy Centre: Heart

Air is the breath of life, the invisible and invincible force that fills our lungs and sustains our existence. It represents the realm of our mind and intellect, symbolising clarity, communication, and freedom. Just as the wind moves the leaves in the trees and the sand across landscapes, the element of air invites us to embrace the expansiveness of our thoughts and ideas.

When we're feeling scattered or overwhelmed, it's often a sign that our air element is out of balance. Attuning to the element of Air involves cultivating mental clarity and perspective. This can be achieved through practices such as mindfulness, meditation, pranayama (deep breathing) practices, and spending time in open spaces where the air is fresh and invigorating. 

As the front of the body is associated with the element of Air, it is a great idea to add heart opening postures into our yoga practice to balance this ethereal element within ourselves.

When we connect with the element of Air, we feel better equipped to gain perspective and we can question the complexities of our thoughts with more curiosity and wonder.

"An open mind is like an open window. It lets the fresh air in"
Mike Hernacki

person about to touch the calm water


Life Experience: Flow
Organs: Kidneys & Bladder
Balanced: Emotional Resilience & Intuition
Out of Balance: Emotional Instability & Lack of Connection
Energy Centre: Sacral

Water embodies the qualities of flow, adaptability, and renewal. Just like a gentle stream makes its way through the earth, the element of water invites us to surrender to the natural rhythm of life and trust the process of continuous change. When we're feeling emotionally charged or disconnected, that's our Water element at play!

Within our bodies, water is intimately connected to our emotions and intuition. Our feelings flow in response to the currents of our inner world in the same way as the tides of the ocean rise and fall in response to the moon’s energy. When we balance the element of water within ourselves, it is easier to embrace our emotions with compassion and wisdom, navigating the currents of our feelings with flow and resilience.

In our physical body, the lower abdomen and groin area are associated with the element of Water. Adding hip opening postures and stretches, as well as the Moon Sequence or flowing movements in general is a beautiful way to balance the water within us.

Another way to connect with it is by spending time near bodies of water, which is not only healing for our nervous system but helps us reconnect with this element. As we immerse in the fluidity of water, we open ourselves to the wisdom that arises when we allow ourselves to go with the flow.

"Flow like water and you will find your way through any rock"
Roger Lee

fire on black sand near body of water during daytime


Life Experience: Passion
Organs: Digestive System & Circulatory System
Balanced: Vitality & Creativity
Out of Balance: Anger & Burnout
Energy Centre: Solar Plexus

Fire, the element of transformation and vitality, ignites the spark of passion and creativity within us. Like the flame of a candle flickering in the darkness, fire represents the power of illumination and inspiration, urging us to embrace our inner radiance and shine brightly in the world.

In our bodies, fire is associated with our digestive and circulatory systems, fueling the metabolic processes that sustain life. When the element of fire is in balance within us, we experience a sense of vitality and creativity, fueling our passions and driving us towards our dharma with purpose and determination.

However, when the element of fire is out of balance, it can manifest as anger, aggression, or burnout.

By cultivating practices that nourish and balance the fire within us – such as sun salutation, warrior poses, side bends and twists as well as cooling breaths – we can harness its transformative energy and channel it in constructive ways to move and take action confidently.

"You can't start a fire without a spark"
Bruce Springsteen

woman holding green leafed seedling


Life Experience: Stability
Organs: Stomach & Spleen
Balanced: Groundedness & Security
Out of Balance: Inertia & Anxiety
Energy Centre: Base

Earth, the solid foundation from which all life unfolds, represents stability, security, and groundedness. Like the sturdy trunk of a tree rooted deep in the soil, the element of earth reminds us of the importance of staying rooted in the present moment and cultivating a sense of security within ourselves.

In our bodies, Earth is associated with our digestive system and our sense of physical stability. When the element of earth is in balance within us, we feel grounded and secure, we know within ourselves that we can navigate life's storms with calmness and sovereignty.

In contrast, when the element of earth is out of balance, it manifests as inertia or anxiety and we feel stuck and ungrounded. By connecting with the element of earth we can anchor ourselves in the present moment, find stillness and acceptance in what is.

The back of our body is associated with the Earth element, so it’s really wise to incorporate forward bends in our yoga practice (Peace Posture, Sitting Forward bend) as well as standing and/ balancing postures like Tadasana and Tree. Of course my absolute favourite, the Earth Sequence is a must when you want to tune into the energy of mother earth.

"Mother Earth is so generous and effervescent. If only we give her the chance, she will restore everything in absolute abundance and beauty"

So, why does all of this matter?

four person hands wrap around shoulders while looking at sunset

Because when we attune to the elements within ourselves, we tap into a profound source of balance, resilience, and vitality. We become more attuned to the rhythms of nature, more connected to the world around us, and more in harmony with our own inner wisdom.

When we gather together in our yoga practice this month, let’s use the wisdom of the elements as our guideposts, embracing every part of ourselves – even the bits that we're not so comfortable with – and in doing so, rediscover our natural state of wholeness and harmony.

If you're inspired to deepen your connection with the elements and explore these themes further, I invite you to join me in our Dru Yoga classes, both in person and online.

In our classes, you'll have the opportunity to explore gentle movement, breathwork, meditation, and mindfulness practices designed to help you attune to the elements within and find greater harmony and balance in your life. 

I look forward to sharing many classes with you.


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