Bhakti Yoga

The Heartfelt Path to Healing and Reconnection

Breathing feels heavy, there is a collective sorrow. Can you feel it too?

Reflecting on the current events in our world unbottled a lot of emotions within me. Profound grief and compassion for those in pain, anger at the harm we inflict on one another, guilt for the privileges we possess, and fear of the far-reaching consequences weigh heavily on my heart.

In the midst of this emotional cocktail, it's easy to feel powerless and overlook the impact our individual efforts can make to turn the wheel.

"What we see in the world is only a reflection of what is happening inside each of us."

shallow focus of person holding mirror

I believe the world is urging us to try something different, signalling that our current approach is no longer effective. It's time for us, as individuals and as a collective, to make a radical shift, and the only viable path is from the inside out.

The world doesn't need more activists merely "fighting" for solutions. Instead, we need individuals committed to creating their own inner reality—pacifists who understand that prioritising inner peace is the ultimate solution. We need a community willing to collaborate like a village working towards a better future.

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With this in mind, as the year comes closer to an end, I decided to create intentional space for inner reflection. Throughout November and December, we will immerse ourselves in the curious exploration of Bhakti - the Path of Love.

In this blog post we will unveil how Bhakti, one of the four paths of Yoga, might be the guiding force leading us back to the love, kindness, compassion, and understanding that we are craving to see more of.

The Four Paths of Yoga: A Brief Overview

Here in the West, we often think of yoga as Downward Facing Dog, Sun Salutes and Lululemon. However, yoga is so much more than postures and stylish activewear.

Yoga is a profound way of being and living. It offers us an ageless toolbox that, with dedication, leads us to a state of unity and connectedness—with oneself and others.

At its core, Yoga provides four paths that lead us to freedom and spiritual enlightenment: Jnana (Knowledge), Karma (Action), Bhakti (Devotion), and Raja (Meditation).

In our pursuit of Action and Knowledge, could it be possible we've overlooked the transformative potential of Bhakti? The world is pleading to us now, more than ever, to rediscover the heart of our humanity—love, connection, and devotion to life.

two persons forming love fingers

What Is Bhakti Yoga?

Bhakti Yoga, often called the Path of Devotion, invites us to connect deeply with Love itself. It is not merely an emotion; it is a frequency that calls us to Become Love. Bhakti is also referred to as the science of belonging.

Devotion and unwavering love for life and creation are at the heart of Bhakti. It focuses on cultivating meaningful relationships—with ourselves, loved ones, nature, and the world. Bhakti's energy, in my opinion, is the cornerstone of a beautifully lived life.

Bhakti encourages us to embrace qualities that, when embraced in our lives, reveal true inner peace:

  • Shravanam (Listening): Actively listen to understand others' deepest motives.
  • Kirtanam (Speaking): Mindfully choose thoughts and words with love, using them to spread positivity.
  • Dasyam (Service): Be of selfless service to express devotion to life.
  • Smaranam (Remembrance): Remember your interconnectedness, fostering unity.
  • Archanam (Prayer): Dedicate time to heartfelt contemplation, expressing gratitude.
  • Vandanam (Integrity): Uphold integrity, consistently showing up as your highest self.
  • Pada Sevanam (Respect): Show respect, recognising the divinity in everyone.
  • Atmani Vedanam (Surrender): Surrender to life's flow, finding peace in trust.
  • Sakhyam (Friendship): Forge genuine friendships based on love and understanding.

In our weekly yoga practice, 'til the end of the year, we will unveil each of these qualities and how they can magically embellish our lives in the most profound ways.

Bhakti: The Solution to Conflict and Separation?

heart drawn on sand during daytime

"The problem is not that we are separate, the problem is that we believe we are."

Bhakti Yoga dissolves the illusion of separation we have created, offering a path to heal not only our inner conflicts but also the divisions plaguing our world.

Conflict invites us to see the spectrum's other side for a solution. If we can so clearly see what living in fear, anger, and pain leads to, let's imagine the potential if we all embrace love as life's primary filter. It gives me hope.

It all begins within ourselves. By choosing Bhakti as a way of life, we not only rediscover ourselves but also become catalysts for positive change for a world that becomes brighter, kinder, and more beautiful.

Let's nurture the flame of love within and around us. Immerse yourself in the practice of Bhakti Yoga and experience the healing effect it brings to your life.


If this transformative journey is calling your heart, I invite you to join my weekly Dru Yoga classes, seasonal Soulful Retreats, and, if you want to explore your inner world even deeper, my next Consciousness Mentoring cohort starts early February 2024.

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