Rekindling Vibrancy

Unleash Your Natural Vitality

As I reflect on the recent Spring Retreat, I still feel the buzzing sensation that these soul-enriching experiences bring into our lives. The connections created, the nourishing food, the tranquil pace, the time spent in nature, and the moments of reflection all combine to create a peaceful  inner atmosphere.

Our participants described feeling more energized, inspired, and confident than they had in years. They discovered a renewed sense of purpose and passion.

One participant shared, "The Seeds of Intentions Retreat was a life-changing experience. I came in feeling tired and overwhelmed, and I left with a renewed sense of vitality and a deep connection to my inner self. I've since made changes in my daily routine and mindset that have brought vibrancy back to my life."

Reading this heartfelt feedback, I found myself truly resonating with the word "vibrancy." It made every single cell of my body smile, for it perfectly encapsulates the profound transformation that a soulful retreat can bring. That's precisely why I've chosen "Feeling Vibrant" as our Community Intention for the month of October. Throughout this month, we will explore yoga and mindfulness practices designed to help you rediscover and harness the inner energy that is your birthright and may have lain dormant within you.

Where did our Vibrancy go?

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When students approach me to attend my Dru Yoga Classes, one of the most common reasons that motivate them is lack of energy and vitality, regardless of age.

The reality is that in the busyness of our daily lives, it's easy to lose touch with the natural vitality we are all born with. The demands of work, family, and other responsibilities can leave us feeling drained and depleted, robbing us of the energy we need to create the life we desire.

However, I invite you to remember that this lack of energy is not your "normal" or "natural" state. You were born radiant, and it's up to you to keep that innate vibrancy intact, regardless of your age.

What is Vibrancy?

Vibrancy is that feeling of being fully alive, radiating with energy, and ready to take on the world. It's the natural vitality we all possessed as children—the boundless enthusiasm and zest for life that seemed inexhaustible. It's the spark that ignites our passions, fuels our creativity, and drives us to pursue our dreams.

Remembering Vibrancy

You might think that vibrancy is a thing of the past, reserved for younger stages in life. My intention is to remind you that you are naturally vibrant, and this powerful energy is already within you. You don't need to create it, search for it, or awaken it. You simply need to be open to remember it and allow it to shine.

Vibrancy is a choice

Here are some practical tools and rituals you can embrace to feel vibrant again:

Mindful Movement: A regular yoga practice is a powerful way to reconnect with your vibrancy. Through mindful movement, breathwork, and meditation, you can awaken the dormant energy within you. I particularly recommend Dru Yoga, as it's both gentle and powerful, allowing you to choose the style that feels right for you.

Nourishing Nutrition: A vibrant life starts with what you put into your body. Explore the power of whole, nutrient-rich foods that provide sustained energy and vitality. Consider checking out the Plant-Based retreat hosted by our beautiful chef, Izzy, for more delicious and healthy meal ideas.

Reconnect with Nature: Spending time outdoors, whether with a short walk in the park, a hike in the forest, a swim in the ocean, or simply sitting in your garden, can rejuvenate your spirit and replenish your energy.

Sacred Rest

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Prioritise conscious rest in various aspects of your life every day, not just at night. Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual rest all play essential roles in your vitality and you can easily add them to your well being rituals. Here are some tips:

Physical Rest: Give yourself 7-8 hrs of deep sleep at night. Make sure you are ready to sleep before 11pm . Conscious Stretching, Yoga, and massages are also great to give your body a break. 

Mental Rest: Put your devices down more often and turn all of them off at 9:30pm. Breathing, Meditation and Mindfulness are wonderful tools to pause your mind and bring it into the present moment.Writing down in a journal anything that is in your mind before you go to bed will clear your mind for a more restful sleep.

Emotional Rest: In general, we are not very skillful at managing our emotions and the only reason is that no one has taught us. That is why we are scared of them. But our emotions are one of the most beautiful aspects of this human experience, we are here to feel and we are constantly repressing these natural messages. So, I invite you to allow yourself to feel your feelings, all of them! Let the emotion flow through you and then release it.

I particularly love the Serene Mind practice to get in touch with my emotions more often and feel more comfortable to manage them when intense ones come my way.

I also use EFT or Tapping to clear them more consciously. I love Brad Yates’ videos.

Spiritual Rest: This is a very personal journey so, to make it more universal, make conscious moments for silence, prayer and connection with something bigger than yourself (however you want to call it).

Social Rest: Don’t overload your weekends with social gatherings and choose wisely who you spend your time with. Most of our vitality is taken by energy vampires 🙂

In the end, vibrancy is not an unattainable dream but a choice. The power to reclaim your inner vitality is within your reach so you can live life to the fullest.

So, as you journey through this month of October, remember that you are not alone. I am here to support you, guide you, and celebrate with you as you rediscover your inner vibrancy. Embrace the boundless energy that lies within, and let it shine forth like a beacon of light. You deserve to feel vibrant, regardless of your age, and together, we'll make it happen.

Are you ready to embrace your inner vibrancy and experience life's fullness once again?

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