Speak Your Truth

Nurturing the Throat Chakra

Welcome to June, Welcome to Winter!

Last month, we embarked on a journey, Attuning to the Elements Within, which also guided us through the first four chakras of our energy system: Earth (Base), Water (Sacral), Fire (Solar Plexus), and Air (Heart). We explored how these elements express themselves in our bodies and how we can consciously use these powerful energies to live more in flow with life and with nature.

And, before we reveal our Community Intention for June, it's important to note that the three lower chakras connect us to the outer world, while the top three chakras (Throat, Third Eye, and Crown) connect us to the inner world. The Heart is the bridge that connects them all.

Winter is a time to slow down and invite introspection. That is why we’ll cuddle in the cosiness of the season by taking time to nurture the top three chakras, bringing harmony and balance to our whole energy body. This will prepare us to blossom in Spring from a renewed, more connected vessel.

Following the chakra system, we will start with the Throat Chakra in June. Our Community Intention of the Month, “Speak Your Truth,” invites us to explore the magic of authentic expression and effective communication. We’ll dive into the fascinating world of the Throat Chakra and discover how we can align this vital energy centre for a more harmonious and authentic life.

Getting to Know (and love) your Throat Chakra

How wonderful it feels when you are able to share your true thoughts and feelings with someone? That’s the Throat Chakra at work! Known as Vishuddhi in Sanskrit, this is the fifth chakra in our body’s energy system. It sits right in the centre of your throat and glows with a beautiful blue light. Vishuddhi means "the great purifier” and it is all about clear, honest, and truthful communication.

What Does the Throat Chakra Govern?
  • Communication: It’s our inner voice, helping us speak our most authentic truth.
  • Creativity: Fuels our artistic and creative expressions.
  • Listening: Enhances our ability to listen beyond words and open to a better understanding of others.
  • Truthfulness: Encourages us to live and speak authentically.

In my humble opinion, the Throat Chakra is one of the most important chakras, if not the most crucial, because it governs our communication—the foundation of all relationships. In our human experience, the quality of our lives is directly proportional to the quality of our relationships. By proactively strengthening this energy center, we create space for effective communication, understanding, cooperation, and harmony.

Nurturing the Throat Chakra enhances our ability to express ourselves genuinely, listen empathetically, and build meaningful relationships with ourselves and others.

Is your Throat Chakra healthy and vibrant?

Take a moment to reflect on the current state of your Throat Chakra with these questions:

  • Is asking for what you want hard for you right now but shifting this is a big yearning from your soul?
  • Do you notice when you don't say what you really mean it's becoming more uncomfortable, almost unbearable?
  • Do you find yourself wanting to share your opinions and voice more openly?
  • Are you tired of saying what others expect you to say and just want to speak authentically?
  • Is saying YES, when you really mean NO feeling creating a big knot in your throat and belly?
  • Are you bored with superficial conversations and find yourself wanting to engage with others at a deeper level?
  • Do you admire people who walk their talk?

If you answer yes to most of these questions, it is a sign that your Throat Chakra is ready to be open and it's time for you to speak your truth!

Signs of a Balanced Throat Chakra

Physical Signs: Clear voice, good sense of hearing, healthy thyroid and throat, open neck, relaxed shoulders.

Emotional and Energetic Signs: Clear and confident in your communication, creative and expressive, honest and authentic in your interactions, great at listening and understanding.

Signs of Imbalances in your Throat Chakra

Physical Signs: Sore throat or hoarseness, tension in the shoulders, neck pain or stiffness, lethargy, hearing issues, snoring, mouth breathing, issues with thyroid.

Emotional and Energetic Signs: Fear of speaking up, trouble expressing yourself, miscommunication with others, lack of creativity, feeling stuck, inauthentic.

Nurturing Your Throat Chakra

Balancing the Throat Chakra is really fun and rewarding. Here are some practical tools to help you bring your sky-tone energy centre into its most radiant state:


It doesn’t matter if you are not Celine Dion, simply sing your favourite song in the car or in the shower and why not, have a karaoke night (even if it is just with yourself).


Sanskrit mantras are composed of specific sounds and syllables that resonate deeply with the body's energy centres. Chanting is a powerful way to stimulate your Throat Chakra due to the profound vibrational qualities, helping to clear blockages and enhance energy flow. It also induces a meditative state, allowing you to access higher levels of consciousness and align your verbal expression with your inner wisdom.

Read out loud

If you are not used to expressing your truth, a good place to start is reading something out loud, get used to the sound of your voice until you absolutely love it! If you want to take this further, I invite you to write what your innermost thoughts and goals and record yourself. Listening to your own voice is a powerful hack for manifestation.

There is also an amazing book called Say It Out Loud: Using the Power of Your Voice to Listen to Your Deepest Thoughts and Courageously Pursue Your Dreams by 

Vasavi Kumar that helps you voice your deepest desires and reframe negative self-talk.

Engaged Communication

Practise mindful listening and engage beyond words (notice body language, posture, gestures, tone of the voice, unconscious hesitations and deep yearnings).It is quite fascinating and people will feel very special in your presence.

Questions are the steering wheel of the mind, so asking powerful questions to yourself and others (with a state of curiosity) is a great way to learn more about others and create more meaningful conversations and deepen your relationships.


Try this beautiful Throat Chakra meditation or add to your own meditation practice a visualisation with calming blue light to energise this beautiful centre.


Let your pen roll freely and write down your most profound thoughts and feelings to find clarity and give yourself permission to express fully.


Keep blue crystals like lapis lazuli, aquamarine, or turquoise close by to support healing.

Essential Oils

Lavender is known as the Oil of Communication and Calm, it aids verbal expression and calms the mind from the insecurities we feel when we want to share our thoughts and feelings.

Spearmint is the Oil of Confident Speech and promotes confidence in expressing ourselves, especially to a group of people, it helps create a powerful stage presence or publicly share our values and opinions.

Interesting Facts about the Throat Chakra

Here are some other fascinating facts about this energy center:

  • Absorbing Negativity: The Throat Chakra can easily absorb negativity from our surroundings. It's essential to protect and cleanse this area regularly to maintain its balance and purity.
  • Element and Sense: The Throat Chakra is associated with the element of ether and space and relates to our sense of hearing. This connection to sound means that as this chakra begins to open, your choice of music might shift towards more calming and introspective tunes, guiding you towards inner silence.
  • Voice and Impact: Our voices have the power to heal or create noise. It's crucial to ask yourself which one you want to be. Do you wish to spread peace and truth, or contribute to the noise and chaos?
  • Balance in Communication: There must be a balance between expressing our thoughts and actively listening to others. This equilibrium ensures healthy and meaningful communication.
  • Authenticity: This chakra is the key to our authenticity. When it’s balanced, we can express our true selves without fear or hesitation.

The Throat Chakra in our Practice

During this month of June I will take you (and me) out of our comfort zone by bringing the power of mantra into our mats. We will also explore ancient practices that bring together sound, light, intention and virtues to balance the different organs in the body and we will pay close attention to opening your throat and relaxing your neck with Energy Block Release sequences and specific Asanas. Expect a slow and nurturing practice.

I hope you found this blog insightful and has inspired you to take a closer look into your Throat Chakra. If you want to explore this idea further, why not join us for a Dru Yoga Class or attend our upcoming event, Metamorphosis, where we turn crisis into empowerment. If you want to go deeper, I am starting a new group of our Consciousness Mentoring Program at the end of June. This is a wonderful opportunity to continue your journey of growth and transformation within a more conscious and supportive community.

As you navigate through this first month of Winter, remember that your voice is unique and powerful. Be proactive on nurturing your Throat Chakra with these simple practices and let your authentic self shine. Together, we can create a world where every voice is heard, respected, and valued.


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