Embracing Acceptance

Welcoming Life as It Is

As we get deeper into Winter, I notice in myself (and as a general feeling) a little resistance to the icy change. The weather becomes a reliable conversation opener and a subtle window that suddenly gives us permission to complain and release. 

So, I thought this year, we could do Winter a little differently… Using our inner practice to snuggle up into the season by infusing our hearts with the warmth of Acceptance and sprinkle more gentleness to ourselves, to our lives and to those around us.

Acceptance is the community intention for our practice this month of June, so let's explore the concept a little deeper by submerging into some basics of yoga philosophy. 

The Niyamas

Yoga in our westernised world can be easily misunderstood as a form of fitness where we do interesting poses with your body. However, yoga is much more than that, it is a holistic system that incorporates 8 vital elements to live in harmony with ourselves and the world. As you can see in the diagram, Asanas or postures are simply one of those elements.

I promise you we will dive a little further into Patanjali's Eight Limbs of Yoga (and my own inner reflections about them) in my next blog. Today, I would like to focus our attention on the second element…

The Niyamas (or virtues) are 5 gentle yet powerful self-care guidelines that help us foster a harmonious and loving relationship with ourselves. They also offer us a clear map to navigate life’s adventures with integrity and grace.

Santosha: The art of contentment

Santosha is the second of the Niyamas and it is translated as Contentment or Acceptance.

By cultivating Santosha and embracing who we truly are, we create a solid foundation from which to build more genuine and sustainable relationships with ourselves and the world around us. It also enhances our capacity to live with equanimity, creating an unbreakable inner peace by simply accepting the knowing that life is always happening FOR US.

If you think about life as a symphony, acceptance would be the gentle melody that harmonises the soul. Rather than resisting the unpredictable rhythms, you start dancing with life as it unfolds, finding contentment and joy in the present moment.

Life's Unexpected Twists

Life has a peculiar way of throwing curve balls, doesn't it? Now, imagine if instead of stubbornly sticking to your own script, you start embracing yourself, other humans and life exactly as it is. By releasing the grip on expectations and surrendering the need to control, we create space for genuine joy, we open ourselves up to new adventures, delightful surprises, and inner peace blossoms.

Contentment means surrendering to the magic of the unknown, welcoming unexpected detours with open arms. By embracing the beauty of each moment, we awaken to the gifts that lie in the present, finding joy in the simplest of experiences.

person holding heart-shaped snow

Santosha on the Mat: Accepting Our Bodies

Stepping onto the sacred ground of your yoga mat, is where acceptance takes root and grows. It is in that intimate space that we learn to listen to the whispers of our bodies, honouring their unique strengths and limitations without judgement. With each breath, we can embrace where we are, we can cultivate self-compassion and use our practice for inner exploration. The beauty of our Dru Yoga classes and practising in community is that we cultivate acceptance together, celebrating the beautiful tapestry of our individual journeys.

Santosha Off the Mat: Embracing Life and Others

The power of Acceptance extends far beyond the edges of our mats, shaping how we show up for ourselves and into our lives. In the face of challenges, instead of feeling disenchanted, we can choose to welcome them with a smile as opportunities for our own evolution, infusing each experience with grace and resilience. Santosha is also accepting others as they are, it fosters compassion and understanding, weaving threads of connection that create unity and love.

Embracing Winter: Finding Santosha in every season

Winter is nature’s way to remind us to embrace acceptance, it brings its own unique beauty and lessons. By cultivating contentment, we can find joy in the cosiness of the season, the quiet introspection, human cuddles and the opportunity to slow down and reassess where we are and the seeds of intention we want to plant.
person holding white ceramic mug

Living Santosha

I have made myself the promise to embrace winter with an open heart, to never complain about it again and instead spread some intentional positivity about this beautiful season with everyone I have the privilege to connect day by day. I've made a conscious choice to enjoy a good warm chai latte, a resting moment, feeling the rain. To cherish a movie night with hot chocolate or a board game with the family. 

I decided to stop whinging all together and, instead, to focus my energy and attention in the beautiful things in my life, appreciate everything deeper, acknowledge my loved ones more often (including myself).

I hope these words inspire you to focus on the warmth of Winter, rejoice in your humanity, see the beauty in others and celebrate all the seasons of your life.

Santosha is our community intention (theme) for this month of June; I invite you to experience a Dru Yoga Class with our beautiful community to cultivate Acceptance in your life.

You can also join our refreshing Spring Retreat to plant the seeds of intention for the new chapter of your life.


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