The Gift of your Presence

Life only happens Now

In our fast-paced world, being fully present is a gift that often slips through our fingers. We often find ourselves entangled in the past or awaiting for the future, missing out on the beauty that exists right here, right now.

In this blog post, I would love to take you on a journey of rediscovering the gift of the moment and the profound impact choosing the now can have on our lives, our relationships and the way we experience the world.

A trip to Canberra

Early this month my family and I embarked on a beautiful adventure to Canberra for my daughter's soccer tournament. Little did I know that this experience would inspire our community's intention for the month of July…

As we ventured into this new environment, I made the conscious intention to be fully present with my family, open myself fully to the beauty of the place, free from any expectations. And oh, what a delightful surprise it turned out to be. I found myself mesmerized by the hidden gems and breathtaking sights that Canberra had to offer.

The simple act of being totally involved in the present moment allowed me to cherish the little miracles that unfolded before my eyes. I rediscovered the joy of being with my loved ones in my totality. I gave myself the opportunity to notice the smallest of details on each of Ivana’s games, witnessing the magic that these kids create together. I cherished the beautiful connections with the other families in the team, forming memories and bonds that will stay in our hearts for a long time.

During our trip, I also had the opportunity to reconnect with my yoga teachers—a delightful reunion that filled my heart with warmth, there is nothing like a Dru hug and the wisdom of my beautiful lineage. They are a big inspiration to me, they are an invitation to live in the moment, create heartfelt connections and a life full of purpose.

The Illusion of Time

Do you catch yourself lost in a whirlwind of nostalgic memories or caught up in dreams of what's yet to come? I know I do, more often than I would like to. However, while there's value in honoring the past and planning for the future, it's crucial to cultivate awareness of the present moment and bring our conscious attention back to where life truly happens. I remind myself often that what we give our energy to, energizes and, with that in mind, it is easier to reclaim my attention to the moment.

We live in a world overflowing with distractions, it's easy to lose ourselves in the noise. Our phones buzz incessantly, to-do lists grow longer by the day, and our minds wander to distant places. But let us remember this: by reclaiming our presence, we create space for genuine connection—with ourselves and with those we hold dear. Let us identify our distractors and set boundaries, allowing us to be fully present in the moments that matter most.

Presence is a gift we offer not only to ourselves but also to those we love. When we are fully present with our loved ones, a magical transformation occurs. By listening wholeheartedly, by truly seeing and understanding them, we cultivate deeper connections that warm our souls. Let us cherish these moments of presence, for they are the building blocks of authentic, nurturing relationships.

When we embrace the present, we embark on a transformative adventure of self-discovery and appreciation, it is in these precious moments of presence, we find joy, gratitude, and an abiding sense of contentment.

I invite you to be present wherever you are.

Presence is our community intention (theme) for this month of July; I invite you to experience a Dru Yoga Class with our beautiful community to draw your presence fully.

You can also join our refreshing Spring Retreat to plant the seeds of intention for the new chapter of your life.


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